Yongfu Bridge on a Serene Winter Afternoon

Yongfu Bridge on a serene winter afternoon
Reflections in the tranquil Xindian River on a January afternoon.

One of the great things about the riverside bikeway in Taipei 台北 is that it functions rather well for commuting from one part of the city to another. When I was living near Jingmei I regularly cycled downriver to the many cafes near Táidà 台大. Nowadays I am staying in Wànhuá District 萬華區 and have gotten into the same habit—though I am now cycling upriver to the same bunch of cafes. This afternoon, after seeing clear skies on the Central Weather Bureau’s radar, I cut through a break in the riverside flood wall to the parklands beyond. Maybe about 20 minutes later I arrived at Gongguan and, immediately prior to exiting the system, snapped this quick photograph of the distinctive Yǒngfú Bridge 永福橋 that crosses over from the southern tip of Zhōngzhèng District 中正區 into Yǒnghé 永和.