Wattle and Decay

A crumbling wall near the grounds of the old Taichung Prison
The crumbling wall of an abandoned home near former Taichung Prison.

What might these walls have seen? I captured this scene while wandering around the former site of the Japanese colonial era Taichung Prison 台中刑務所, most of which is now just a parking lot. Many of the areas around the old prison haven’t been redeveloped, leaving pockets of urban decay all along this stretch of Línsēn Road 林森路. This particular home would have been located immediately outside and to the east of the main entrance to the prison (listed on this schematic as dàmén 大門). From the look of the old school mode of construction, wattle and daub, it was almost certainly witness to a great deal of history. Trace its contours while you can, I don’t imagine much of this will remain in five years time.