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Unreal window
Peering through an ornate window in a palatial abandonment in Chiang Mai’s old town.

Last year I explored the House of Success in Chiang Mai but wasn’t able to access the other abandoned building on site, the so-called White Lion House, for it was occupied by squatters. I am back for another visa run, this time with access to a scooter, so I made a point of returning to these palatial ruins in the northwest corner of the old town to see how they were doing. As luck would have it the squatters have left the building—so in I went, keen to gather material for a sequel to the original post.

This particular image immediately jumped out at me. Here you can see a pile of rubble through an ornate window on the ground floor. It looks unreal but I hardly modified the original at all. What a strange and beautiful sight in these extravagant ruins…