Tracing the Sugar Rails of Yuanlin

Memories of Kyoto in Yuanlin
Memories of Kyoto 京都 in Yuánlín 員林? Not sure what the idea is here.

One day while riding around the west side of Yuánlín 員林 I came across an old railway line that had been converted into a shabby, disused park of some sort, looking oddly inspired by Fushimi Inari Taisha. Later on I did a bit of internet sleuthing and found out that the park follows the path of the old sugar railway that leads south and then west to a sugar factory in nearby Xīhú 溪湖, something that I was not previously aware of. Now I’ll have to go check that out as well!

While drafting up this post I chanced upon Taiwan Railways, a train enthusiast site in English with some great maps of the old sugar rail system. A Taiwanese friend also looked up a little history of the region in Chinese for me; check out this post if you’d like to read more about the history of Yuánlín 員林.

Update: be sure to check out my post about South Yuanlin Station!