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Through the Keyhole

Despite the preponderance of abandoned buildings in Taiwan 台灣 there are very few examples of ruined temples to be found (with one notable exception). I don’t know for certain but I suspect that most temples, when abandoned, are completely demolished. An abandoned temple would probably bring bad luck to a community.

There are, however, examples of unfinished temples to be found here and there. Before the doors are installed and the gods are enshrined a temple is just another building, after all. Again, without knowing for certain, I suspect that small communities sometimes raise funds to support the construction of a new temple in stages, and there are no doubt occasions where the money runs out before construction is complete.

What you see in this photograph is the bare concrete outline of a Taiwanese temple awaiting the ornamental accoutrements that will someday distinguish it as a spiritual space. It is located on the highway that runs along the Baguashan 八卦山 ridge line on the western edge of Nántóu City 南投市.