The Sky Above the Port Was the Color of Television

A great view of the port of Keelung
A great view of the port of Keelung from an abandoned bowling alley on the east side of the harbour.

I snapped this photo in eastern Keelung 基隆 from the rooftop of an abandoned bowling alley. Pictured here is the terminus of highway 62 where it meets highway 2, the road that rings the northeastern shore of Taiwan down into Yílán 宜蘭.

I don’t know very much about how ports work but I find them very fascinating. This is how most goods move around the world. I would love to take a closer look but most ports are closed to the public and securely guarded—and the port of Keelung is no different. Even so, this rooftop vantage point afforded a rather nice view and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the cranes move containers around in the famous northern gloom.