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The Real Poet’s Residence in Wuri

Not so long ago I published a photo essay about Jukuiju 聚奎居, a historic mansion in Wūrì 烏日, Taichung 台中, commonly described as the former residence of a famous poet, Chén Ruòshí 陳若時. During my research I found this detailed history of the building and was surprised to read that contrary to government sources no poet ever resided there. Digging around a bit more I turned up this post which claimed to have identified the real poet’s residence—just down the street from Jukuiju!

Last week I was passing through the area and decided to stop and take a look for myself. Nobody was around and I wasn’t about to go in and take a look without an invitation but I did snap this photo from the roadside. This traditional Taiwanese home lacks the extravagance of Jukuiju but it is not without a certain rural charm, don’t you think?

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