The New Ride in Shezidao 社子島

This is about as far as the riverside bikeway goes in this direction.

Since I seem to be sticking around for a while I went out and purchased a hybrid commuter cycle to replace the beater I’ve been loaning for the last few months. One of the reasons I decided to move to Taipei 台北 is the fact that it is an inordinately bike-friendly city, unlike many of the other places I’ve been in Asia. For my first big ride I headed out along the riverside to see where the wind would take me. I got as far as the tip of Shèzidǎo 社子島 (link in Chinese), a peninsula (formerly an island, hence the name) in Shìlín District 士林區, before turning back. Before I did I stopped to shoot a photo of my new ride at the confluence of the Tamsui and Keelung rivers. I look forward to many more rides this summer!

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