The Giant Fortune Cookies of Treasure Hill

Giant fortune cookies on Treasure Hill
Giant fortune cookies on Treasure Hill.

These giant fortune cookies can be found high up on Treasure Hill 寶藏巖 (pinyin: Bǎozàngyán), an artist village next to the riverside park not far from Gōngguǎn Station 公館站 in Taipei 台北. The maze-like Treasure Hill was once a squatter community founded by KMT military veterans in the late 1940s. It grew organically to serve the needs of its modest population but was transformed in 2010 as part of a city-wide beautification and urban renewal program into what it is today.

This piece by Shu-Chang Kung 龔書章, titled “Fortune CooKiss”, is an interactive installation meant to foster “lover’s dialogue” and intimacy by providing couples with a secret place to sit and gaze upon one another.