Terms of Use 智慧財產

Collected here are various terms of use for the different kinds of content I create and share online. Contact me directly if you have any questions wish to inquire about licensing specific content.


I release almost all of my photography under a Creative Commons BY-NC license. You do not need to secure my permission to use most of my photos in a noncommercial context but you must understand and respect the terms of the Creative Commons licenses those photos have been released under. What follows is an outline of what you can do with my work without securing my permission in advance.

There are two terms specific to this license: “BY”, which means that you must give appropriate credit, and “NC”, which means you may not use the material for commercial purposes (unless expressly authorized to do so by yours truly). Commercial use includes (but is not limited to) any for-profit venture that earns money through advertising (e.g. blogs, magazines, YouTube channels with ads, etc.) or other means.

For noncommercial works I require attribution in the form of “Photo by Alexander Synaptic (synapticism.com)” with an active link if you are using my photos online. This link should not have the rel="nofollow" attribute. Linking makes for a healthy web!

For scholarly and academic works you are very welcome to contact me to secure additional details about anything that interests you. I am very happy to make exceptions and allowances for commercial work of a scholarly or academic nature.

If you have adapted my work you are welcome to alter the credits to suit the nature of the work. For instance, “Original photo by”, “Adapted from a photo by”, or “Based on a photo by” or some such similar statement is completely acceptable.

I place one additional limitation on the usage of my photography: you must secure my permission to use or alter any photo where the primary subject is a person or group of people.

You are welcome to contact me to request an exception to the above for commercial usage (or anything else at all, really). I am very good about responding to these kinds of requests. Please be clear about what you can offer (cash, traffic, or whatever else). If you don’t hear back from me for some reason please try again!


Generally speaking, most of my graphic design is licensed under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license. The “ND” term stands for no derivatives. This means that you can’t remix, alter, or adapt my graphic design but you can redistribute my works, for instance on a blog about cool album artwork or whatever.


My open source projects are generally available under the GPL or a MIT license; consult individual repositories on GitHub for specific licensing information.

Code on my development blog is licensed under a MIT license unless otherwise stated. Any code that interacts with and depends on WordPress is necessarily licensed under the GPL. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


The actual contents of my blog are under copyright control but I sometimes release individual works under a Creative Commons license. For those posts under copyright you are not authorized to copy, reuse, or adapt my written work except under fair use with an appropriate citation. If you quote my work anywhere on the web or base a story on my original reporting you should also link back to the original source. In cases where your content only peripherally references my work an inline link is sufficient; for work that substantially builds on my work a full citation is more appropriate. If in doubt, contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you.