Telling Time by a Mirror

Telling time at Daiming Temple 代明宮
Telling time in a Keelung temple.

I captured this scene at Dàimíng Temple 代明宮 in Keelung 基隆 about an hour ago. Apparently it’s one of the oldest temples in Keelung, though it isn’t clear to me exactly when it was originally built. The current iteration of this old temple actually occupies the second level of a building with access granted by a pair of stairways fronting onto a tiny alleyways lined by historic brick facades. It is admittedly not the most remarkable of scenes—but there’s something about the juxtaposition of the standard issue clock and the temple entrance in the mirror that speaks to me on some level. Small details like these catch my eye here in Keelung—which is one reason I enjoy exploring this darkest of Taiwanese cities as much as I do.