Taiwan Blogroll

A “blogroll” is old school blog jargon for a list of links to other blogs. The tradition began in the early days of blogging as a friendly way to connect with other bloggers and share traffic. Not many people bother maintaining these lists anymore but I enjoy keeping such a page for personal reference and making recommendations.

Travel and adventure

  • Josh Ellis: a photography blog with deep insight into lesser-known places all around Taiwan.
  • Hidden Taiwan: Tom Rook’s fantastic blog about obscure historic, abandoned, and outdoorsy stuff in Taiwan.
  • Nick Kembel: mindful travel and photography from a long-time resident and published author.
  • Follow Xiaofei: waterfalls and other adventures; see also: hot springs and waterfalls map.
  • Taiwan In Cycles: a tremendous resource for bicycling in Taiwan.
  • Off The Beaten Track by Richard Saunders; a fantastic adventuring resource with hiking, river tracing, travel, and more.
  • Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide and Travel Freelancer, both by Steven Crook; all sorts of great stuff and insider information from a professional travel writer.
  • Taiwan Everything: a general interest group blog with articles about travel, history, culture, and more.
  • G’day Taiwan by Quyen; adventures of a wandering Australian in Taiwan.
  • Pepology: hiking, biking, photography, travel tales, and some urban exploration.
  • Foreigners in Taiwan: travel, history, culture, and commentary.
  • Out Recording: motorcycling, hiking, and sound recording.
  • Rubli by Martin Rubli; a high mountain hiking blog with tons of info, elevation charts, and good maps. Great material for anyone tackling the 100 Peaks.
  • Greenset (Chinese): an incredible index of abandoned places in Taiwan (also see his Flickr).
  • Wolf Shepherd (Chinese): an excellent resource for anyone interested in abandoned mines.
Tourism map of Taiwan circa 1955
Tourism map of Taiwan circa 1955.


  • Tricky Taipei by Kathy Cheng; travel, design, food, and lifestyle blogging with a strong focus on quality.
  • Typing To Taipei by Monica; current events and everyday reflections of another Australian in Taiwan.
  • Eating in Taipei: restaurants reviews, simple and straight-forward.
  • Taiwan Scene: a wide-ranging group blog/magazine with articles about food, travel, culture, history, and more.
  • Jaysun Eats Taipei: well-organized restaurant reviews with plenty of photos.
  • The Vegan Dan Dan: veganism and ethical living in Taiwan.
  • Translating Taiwanese Literature by Conor Stuart; translations, film and book reviews, plenty of commentary on passive-aggressive notes and the like.
Chaotian temple 朝天宮 figure
One of many figures inside Chaotian Temple.

Politics and society

  • New Bloom Magazine: politics, activism, youth culture, and all kinds of other topics from Brian Hoie and company.
  • Lao Ren Cha: incisive views of Taiwanese society with a progressive slant (and much more).
  • The Writing Baron by James Baron; all kinds of subjects with sharp and incisive writing, as the name would imply.
  • Frozen Garlic: detailed election and political analysis.
  • Letters From Taiwan by Ben Goren; put your finger on the progressive zeitgeist.
  • Taipei Air Station: strongly focused on the experiences of US military personnel in Taiwan during the Cold War.
  • Taiwan In Perspective by Michael Thim; politics, security, and defense.
  • Taiwan Reporter: German language blog about Taiwan (or click for English posts only).
  • Taiwan Air Power (Chinese): detailed histories, maps, and photos of anything to do with aerial warfare in Taiwan. This informative blog also has an older archive with posts prior to 2017.
The dawning of the Sunflower Student Movement
The dawning of the Sunflower Student Movement.

General interest

Balcony seats in the abandoned movie theater in Taitung City
At the outer edge of the second floor balcony at Datong Theater.


Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Plenty of great stuff can be found on inactive blogs!