Taiwan Blogroll 台灣部落客

A “blogroll” is old school blog jargon for a list of links to other blogs. The tradition began in the early days of blogging as a friendly way to connect with other bloggers and share traffic. Few people bother with blogrolls any more but I like the idea of having a list of blogs I like reading for personal reference and making recommendations.

Travel and adventure

Tourism map of Taiwan circa 1955.

Politics and society

  • The View From Taiwan: Michael Turton’s fantastic and regularly updated blog about all things Taiwan. Highly political but also full of cycling tips and lots of photos from all over the place.
  • New Bloom Magazine: politics, activism, youth culture, and all kinds of other topics from Brian Hoie and company.
  • Taiwan Reporter: all things Taiwan in German (or click for English posts only).
  • Frozen Garlic: detailed election and political analysis.
  • Lao Ren Cha: incisive views of Taiwanese society with a progressive slant (and much more).
  • Letters From Taiwan by Ben Goren; put your finger on the progressive zeitgeist.
  • Taiwan In Perspective by Michael Thim; politics, security, and defense.
  • Taiwan Law Blog: news, analysis, and commentary on Taiwanese law and legal issues.
The dawning of the Sunflower Student Movement.


  • Tricky Taipei by Kathy Cheng; travel, design, food, and lifestyle blogging with a strong focus on quality.
  • Typing To Taipei by Monica; current events and everyday reflections of another Australian in Taiwan.
  • Eating in Taipei: restaurants reviews, simple and straight-forward.
  • The Thousandth Girl: sharp-tongued restaurant, cafe, and nightlife reviews and lifestyle writing.
  • Amy Chyan: multimedia journalist presently writing about Taipei and Taiwan.
  • Lucy In Taipei: street scenes, culture, and stories from around the big city.
  • Jaysun Eats Taipei: well-organized restaurant reviews with plenty of photos.
  • The Vegan Dan Dan: veganism and ethical living in Taiwan.
One of many figures inside Chaotian Temple.

Culture and history

General interest

At the outer edge of the second floor balcony at Datong Theater.


Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Plenty of great stuff can be found on inactive blogs!