Taipei 101 in the Mist

Taipei 101 in the mist
Taipei 101 in the fine mist of a muggy October afternoon.

Yesterday I shot this moody photograph of Taipei 101, easily the most iconic landmark in Taiwan, while walking through the grounds of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 國立國父紀念館 on my way to a haircut. It neatly captures something of the ambiguity of Taiwan’s unique political situation. Here we are all lost in the clouds, waiting for the nation’s wave function to collapse.

Looking back, I haven’t posted many photos of this famous skyscraper, but not for any particular reason. I tend to emphasize the obscure here on my blog—but that’s mainly because I’d rather invest my time in covering what others do not (in English, of course—it’s all been done in Chinese), not because I don’t like popular things. In fact, I can say without reservation that Taipei 101 is an amazing feat of design and engineering, particularly if you consider this example of an early building by lead architect C.Y. Lee.