Taipei 101 in the Glitch

Taipei 101 in glitch
A glitch in the matrix at Taipei 101.

Recently I moved to Xìnyì District 信義區 in Taipei 台北, home of the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, probably the most commonly photographed thing in all Taiwan. I realize it is a terrible cliché for me to be sharing photos of 101 but this is inevitable given that it is now in my backyard. With any luck I’ll be doing so in my usual idiosyncratic way.

Previously I published photos of Taipei 101 in the mist, new year’s fireworks, and also featured it in a post about leaving Taiwan for the first time back in the summer of 2014. A curious coincidence: nowadays I am living a stone’s throw away from the base of Xiàngshān 象山 itself. Never did I imagine I’d be returning—much less to to the same spot where I said goodbye.

As for this particular photo, it’s accidental glitch art. I must have unknowingly twisted the dial on my camera a setting that called for a long exposure. When I went to take a quick photo I was momentarily surprised that it wasn’t working as expected. Later on I imported my photos and thought “hey, that’s kind of cool”, so here it is.