Tainan Station Foreshadowing

The ticket booths at Tainan Station.

Flashback to January 2014. Having previously visited Tainan 台南 on my round-the-island bicycle trip I return for a few days to suss out whether I’d like to move down south or not (which, of course, I do). On my way out of town I snap this photograph of the ticket booths at Tainan Station 台南車站 before walking out to the platform to take the train north to Taichung 台中. I was bound for Taichung Airport 台中航空站 and a brief stay in Hong Kong 香港 to satisfy my visa requirements.

Recently I have been browsing my photography archives in an attempt to better sort the many thousands of images I have captured over the last several years in Taiwan. This one jumped out at me—for it foreshadows another one of my moves, this time to Changhua City 彰化市 near the end of November 2014. That poster above the ticket booths? That’s the Changhua Roundhouse 彰化扇形車庫, one of the most interesting attractions in central Taiwan. It is amusing to look back on this with knowledge of all that has happened since. There was no connection to make at that time but now there is.

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  1. You should totally move down south for a bit! Amazing people and culture. But also, as your selfish audience, would like to see more posts from Tainan ;-)

    1. Chaun Tsay: I ended up living in Tainan from April to July of 2014 and would return in a heartbeat. I’ve been going through my archives recently so I should have more stuff from Tainan… but there’s already a lot if you go digging :)

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