Taifeng Night Market Potato Ball Vendor

Potato ball truck at Taifeng night market in Yuanlin
Potato ball truck at Taifeng Night Market in Yuanlin.

Recently I have been slightly more serious about documenting some of the small night markets I have visited in Changhua 彰化, a somewhat unremarkable county in middle Taiwan. Nobody has written about any of these places in English—at least not to my knowledge—and so I went to the trouble of translating a Changhua night market schedule for my own benefit—and the benefit of the handful of English-speaking travellers who might pass this way.

At any rate, tonight I dropped in on Táifèng 台鳳 night market in Yuánlín 員林 to take some proper photos. It is a very normal night market with little to recommend—though it is an interesting sight when trains rumble by meters away from the booths at the back. Just as I left I stopped to pick up some fried potato balls—not the healthiest of snacks but certainly very tasty—and was struck by the sight of this wizened old man plying the trade.