Taichung Sunset Before the Storm

Taichung sunset before the storm
Sunset before the storm: looking northwest from the rooftop of the abandoned Qianyue Building.

Typhoon Nepartak has come and gone without impacting Taichung 台中 hardly at all. Almost no wind or rain afflicted the city as the typhoon was torn apart by passage over the mighty Central Mountain Range 中央山脈 far to the south, leaving me without a good tale to tell or any dramatic photos from within the storm.

Yesterday I shot a few interesting photos after climbing up to the top of the notorious Qiānyuè Building 千越大樓, an abandoned high-rise not far from the central station, to get a nice view of the entire Taichung Basin 台中盆地. Previously I published a long shot of the “UFO” on top of the building and here’s one more, this time of the setting sun over the west side of the city.