Sundown on Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Sundown on Sun Moon Lake
A beautiful sunset on Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taiwan.

I finally got around to visiting Sun Moon Lake 日月潭, the largest lake in Taiwan1 and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Previously I knew it only by reputation as a scenic spot overrun by Chinese tourists. Now having seen it first-hand I can attest to the accuracy of that description—but I’d also add flashy temples and indigenous-themed street food to the list. I enjoyed what food and tea I sampled and didn’t mind the Monday afternoon traffic so much, though the tour buses certainly pile up on the many turns as the highway winds around the lake.

Tussling with Chinese tourists was actually sort of fun. I stopped at an apparently famous tea egg vendor by the lakeside and was amused to see the stereotypes in action. There was no line, there was an unruly mob. I threw myself into the mosh pit, endured a whole lot of shoving and a few flying elbows, and emerged victorious with tea eggs in hand. Let’s just say that mobbing counters cuts both ways—and I’m bigger than them. Outta the way, grandma! Nobody takes it personally, either. Evidently it’s just how things are done over in whatever part of China they came from.

After the tea egg brawl I wandered down to the pier to take a totally standard shot of the setting sun over the lake. Since I’m in the business of sharing what amounts to postcards on this blog I figured I may as well add this one to the collection. As for Sun Moon Lake, well—there are more interesting things to do in this part of Taiwan but it’s certainly not a bad place (on a Monday).

  1. Coming from Canada, a nation with more than a few lakes, this one seems more like a puddle at a mere 8 km2