Stop, Look, and Listen

Stop, look, and listen
A public art installation at Xinzuoying Station.

Arrête, Regarde et Ecoute (Stop, Look and Listen) is an art installation located outside of Xinzuoying Station in Zuǒyíng 左營, Kaohsiung 高雄. Designed and conceived by French-born American artist Arman in 2004, it was installed posthumously in 2006 as his last work of public art. The original artist statement explains “this work uses the repetition of railway alarm signal poles to modify the space, giving new meanings to the signals though a joyful and strange accumulation”. More information about this work can be found on the official Arman web site here and here. You might also like to read a bit more about Arman himself over here.

Personally, as a fan of public art and everything to do with railways I was delighted to find this work after arriving in Zuǒyíng 左營 to visit Lotus Pond 蓮池潭 and the old walled city. I haven’t seen too much public art in Taiwan that catches my eye and makes me think but this project really hit the mark with me, hence sharing it here on my blog. If you ever find yourself in Zuoying don’t forget to turn right when you exit the west side of the station!