Seodaemun Prison

Seodaemun prison gate.

Seodaemun Prison (Hangul: 서대문형무소) is not a happy place but my visit there was a tremendously educational experience. It housed thousands of political prisoners over the course of most of the 20th century—many of whom lost their lives here, either through neglect, overwork (it was also a forced labour camp), or by way of the “body removal tunnel”. A memorial to many of Seodaemun’s victims can be seen in the photos below.

Inside the memorial chamber.
Victims of imperial aspiration.
Seodaemun prison cells.
Seodaemun prison cell door.
Stalking the cell block.
Seodamun prison grounds.
Bricks imprinted with the glyph of another forced labour camp.
Outside the execution chamber.

Read more about my experiences at Seodaemun prison in the dark side of Seoul.

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