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Sanchong Wintertime Skyline

Sanchong skyline on a murky day in late January.

I went out riding along the riverside bikeway in Taipei 台北 this afternoon, crossing from my current abode in Wànhuá District 萬華區 to the old quarters of Dàtóng District 大同區 by way of Yánpíng Riverside Park 延平河濱公園. Along the way I captured this ordinary image of the Sānchóng 三重 skyline across the pallid Tamsui River 淡水河 and beneath the grey skies of midwinter. It is neither beautiful nor outstanding but part of what I do around here is record little slices of everyday life—and the symmetry of the image appeals to me on some level.

This is actually the third such image I’ve posted from the riverside this month; for the others, check out this one across from Yǒnghé 永和 and this one crossing into Bǎnqiáo 板桥.

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