Rusted Gate and Wooden Door

Rusty gate in the back alleys of Yuanlin
A rusty gate in the back alleys of Yuanlin.

Yesterday I returned to Yuánlín 員林, the city where I really started blogging about Taiwan, for a lazy day of exploration and discovery. I was interested in revisited places I thought I knew something about to see how the years have sharpened my ability to observe and document the urban landscape. I’ll have more to post about this trip at a later date—but for now I’d like to add another photograph to my growing collection of abandoned doors. This particular example of the genre was collected just off Wànnián Road 萬年路 (“Ten Thousand Year Road”, a recurring pattern in Taiwanese place names) in a half-abandoned complex of what looks to be late Japanese colonial era or early KMT authoritarian era dormitories. Such homes were often used by factory workers—and indeed, there is a huge abandoned factory just across the street. Perhaps they are related?