Remnants of a Golden Age

The ruins of Golden Horse Entertainment World
The ruins of Golden Horse Entertainment World in Changhua City.

Previously I wrote about the Golden Empire 黃金帝國 building in Yuánlín 員林. In that post I mentioned that Changhua City 彰化市 also has a towering ruin next to the train station: the Qiáoyǒu Building 喬友大廈. Just like the Golden Empire this building was once home to many shops, restaurants, gaming parlours, KTVs, and so on. Also like the Golden Empire it was mostly abandoned and set ablaze at some point. Nowadays only the basement parking lot and Golden Horse Entertainment World 金馬歡樂世界, a gaming parlour on the ground floor, remain open.

This is the view from up close. At the time the photograph was captured I was checking out the city and thinking of moving here. Now, quite coincidentally, I live on the same block as this monolithic ruin. I haven’t yet gained access to the interior—seedy characters milling around the ground floor have made me wary of trying anything foolish before my tenure here is up—but I do mean to make a serious attempt at gaining access at some point. (Update: here’s the full exploration!)