May 2019

A Nameless Community in Xinyi District

Mar 2019

Stanton Club 飛宏象山國際聯誼中心

Nov 2016

Mantis Mirror

Oct 2016

Some Days You Just Want To Disappear

Sep 2016

Traces of an Army Maintenance Depot

May 2016

Keelung Road Guest House 基隆路招待所

Apr 2016

Why Should It Be Feared?

Apr 2016

Mountains on the Urban Horizon

Mar 2016

Army of Guanyin

Mar 2016

Prohibited Decay

Mar 2016

Half Dollar For Your Thoughts?

Mar 2016

The Rhythm of Infinite Life

Feb 2016

Taipei 101 in the Glitch

Nov 2015

Paranoid Foreshadowing

Oct 2015

Taipei 101 in the Mist

Jul 2015

Reflective Interface

Jul 2014

One Last Sunset in Taiwan?

Jul 2014

An Amusing Name for a Taiwanese Men's Magazine