Yúnlín 雲林, literally "cloud forest", is a mostly flat, rural county on the western plains of Taiwan 台灣. It is widely considered to be the least developed part of western Taiwan and is seldom referenced in the English language blogosphere. I have now passed through on several occasions and was pleasantly surprised by both Xīluó 西螺 and Běigǎng 北港, two historic towns with a lot of culture that haven't yet turned into terrible tourist traps. Dǒuliù 斗六 is the largest city and administrative center of the county and is also home to a lot of history.

Mar 2018

Xiluo Yuandong Theater 西螺遠東戲院

Oct 2017

Nanyun Gas Station 南雲加油站

Sep 2017

Yixin Vocational High School 益新工商職業學校

Sep 2017

Postcards From Xiluo 西螺明信片

Aug 2017

Beigang Theater 北港劇場

Aug 2017

Xiluo Bridge 西螺大橋

Aug 2017

Jiuqiong Village Tobacco Barn 九芎村菸樓

Jul 2017

Xiluo Yisheng Theater 西螺一生戲院

Apr 2016

Taiping Old Street 太平老街

Sep 2015

Gemini Theater 雙子星戲院

Jun 2015

Douliumen Found Negatives

Mar 2015

Douliu Night Market 斗六夜市

Jan 2015

Postcards From Beigang 北港明信片

Jun 2014

A Long Ride Across Central Taiwan

Jan 2014

Taiwan Bicycle Tour 2013: Lukang to Budai