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Jul 2017

Lize Theater 利澤戲院

Dec 2015
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Postcards From Nanfang’ao 南方澳明信片

Jul 2014

The Wild Shores of Yilan

Jun 2014

Follow Me

May 2014

A Beautiful Ambiguity

May 2014

The Leaning Tower of Su’ao 蘇澳斜塔

May 2014

The Shipyards of Nanfang’ao 南方澳船廠

May 2014

Music of the Shadows

May 2014

A Garden Grows Within It

Apr 2014

Concrete Dreams in Luodong

Apr 2014

Lamb Soup Vendor at Luodong Night Market

Apr 2014
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Old Caoling Tunnel 舊草嶺隧道

Aug 2013

Surfing at the Black Sand Beaches of Wai’ao