Píngxī 平溪 is centered on a mountain valley to the east of Taipei 台北. It was an important mining center from Japanese times to the post-war era but was almost abandoned when the mines closed many decades ago. Recently the entire area has undergone a tremendous revival, becoming one of Taipei's top attractions. Pingxi is served by a picturesque and romantic railway spur line of the same name. There are some great hikes in the area, several old streets, sky lanterns, and lots of other things to see.

Oct 2017

Shifen Longxing Theater 十分隆興戲院

Mar 2016

Jingtong Erkeng Old House 菁桐二坑老屋

Sep 2015

Automotive Entropy

Sep 2015

An Early Foray Into the Ruins of Taiwan

Apr 2015

An Unfinished Bridge in Pingxi

Oct 2014

The Craggy Peaks of Pingxi

Oct 2014

The Bamboo Wishes of Jingtong