The easternmost tip of Taiwan

Xīnběi (New Taipei) 新北

Xīnběi 新北 (generally known as New Taipei in English) is an administrative division of Taiwan 台灣 surrounding Taipei 台北. Technically it is the mosts populous city in Taiwan but that's mainly because it includes much of Taipei's urban sprawl. There isn't any sort of unified identity to New Taipei; it's merely an administrative contrivance.

That being said, New Taipei is home to some of the coolest stuff within easy reach of the big city. The attractions are far too numerous to list and start with historic Tamsui 淡水, the hot springs of Wūlái 烏來, the twin mining towns of Jiǔfèn 九份 and Jīnguāshí 金瓜石, Fulong Beach and the Old Caoling Tunnel in Gòngliáo 貢寮, Yeliu Geopark and the UFO village in Wànlǐ 萬里, and the entire Píngxī 平溪 railway corridor, among others.

Oct 2017

Shifen Longxing Theater 十分隆興戲院

Apr 2017

Linkou Lightning Building 林口閃電大樓

Mar 2017

Transformed by Time

Jan 2017

Tamsui CKS Temple 淡水蔣中正廟

Dec 2016

Shuangxi Donghe Theater 雙溪東和戲院

Nov 2016

Gateway to the East

Jul 2016

Yonghe Theater 永和大戲院

Jul 2016

City of Illusions

May 2016

Now Playing at BIOS Monthly

Apr 2016

Love or Punishment

Apr 2016

Jiangling New Village 江陵新村

Apr 2016

A Bridge Over the River Wall

Apr 2016

Sanchong Scooter Style

Mar 2016

A Funky Fish Shack in Jinguashi 金瓜石白帶魚米粉湯

Mar 2016

Jingtong Erkeng Old House 菁桐二坑老屋

Mar 2016

A Dinosaur Dystopia in New Taipei

Feb 2016

Explorations of the Pacific Edge

Feb 2016

Changjiang Road Shops 長江路商店