Wénshān District 文山區 sprawls along the southern end of the Taipei Basin on the border with Xīndiàn 新店.

Mar 2016

Broadway Cinema Redux

Sep 2015

Wenshan Riverside Juncture

Sep 2015

Nocturnal Nostalgia

Aug 2015

Neon Red Cinema

Feb 2015

Scenes From Everyday Life in Wenshan District

Nov 2014

Postcards From Wenshan District 文山區明信片

Nov 2014


Sep 2014

Taiwan’s Lord Of The Ring

Sep 2014

A Rusty Old Mailbox in Jingmei

Jun 2014

Interspecies Communication

Apr 2014

Play That Dirty Piano

Jan 2014

Jingmei Balcony Vista

Jan 2014

Fresh Ginger Tea in Jingmei

Mar 2013

Maokong Sunset