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Dà'ān District 大安區 is located in the heart of Taipei 台北. It is one of the most expensive and livable parts of the city and home to an unusually large population of westerners (who are still just a drop in the bucket). Apart from the major universities there are several important shopping areas and many hip restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Jan 2017

In Rust We Trust

Jul 2016

Giant Bird Crossing at Taida

Apr 2016

Yifang Old House 義芳居古厝

Mar 2016

The Remains of Taipei Prison 臺北監獄圍牆遺蹟

Mar 2016

Da’an UFO House 大安飛碟屋

Mar 2016

Taipei Metro XX

Mar 2016

Nanshan Theater 湳山戲院

Dec 2015

Magic Machines in the Taipei Underground

Nov 2015

Bad Foreigner on the MRT

Oct 2015

The Four-Faced Buddha of Yongkang Street 永康街四面佛

Sep 2015

A Light in the Darkness

Sep 2015

Another Hazard of Bike Ownership in Taipei

Sep 2015

A Proper Cup of Coffee

Sep 2015

Roasting Coffee at Rufous

May 2015

Taiwan as American Territory

Apr 2015

A Small Dose of the Big City

Oct 2014

An Eclectic House in Taipei

Jun 2014

A Postcard From Neo Taipei