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Yangmingshan 陽明山

A Foggy Hike in Yangmingshan 陽明山

Ghostly trees in the endless fog on Yangmingshan
Ghostly trees in the endless fog on Yangmingshan.

These photographs were taken in early October 2013 while hiking around Yángmíngshān National Park 陽明山國家公園. After meeting up with a friend we took a bus from Jiantan Station 劍潭站 in Shìlín District 士林區 to Lěngshuǐkēng with the intention of checking out Milk Lake 牛奶湖 (pinyin: Niúnǎichí). Racing up the meandering mountainside roads we soon found ourselves immersed in an interminable fog. Debarking at the bus stop, with hardly another soul around, we decided to wander around and see what we could make of our time in Yangmingshan.

Into the Unknown

A moment with no past or future
Looking across Jingshan Suspension Bridge: a moment with no past or future.

I visited Yángmíngshān 陽明山 in October 2013 and was delighted to find the entire park shrouded in fog. There is something sublime about being lost in the misty mountains—especially with the fierce winds sweeping over the peaks. Fog usually implies a state of calm but conditions were quite harrowing on the way to Qīxīngshān 七星山, or Seven Star Mountain, the highest in the park.

This particular image was captured down in Lěngshuǐkēng 冷水坑 (“cold water pit”) at the Jīngshān Suspension Bridge 菁山吊橋. Ordinarily this bridge provides a view of the famous Niúnǎichí 牛奶池 (“milk pond”) but it was nowhere to be seen. I could hardly even discern the far end of the bridge, which is not large. It was a spellbinding moment, like taking a step out of time into a place with no past or future.