Anping 安平

Ānpíng 安平 is the oldest and most historic part of Tainan 台南 surrounding the old European forts and trading posts. It is a huge tourist trap, of course, but well worth visiting to gain a deeper appreciation of the history of Taiwan 台灣.

Anping Tree House 安平樹屋

Oozing out of a window.

Anping Tree House 安平樹屋 is one of the main attractions in Ānpíng 安平, the old colonial quarter of Tainan 台南, and yet another example of disaster tourism in Taiwan 台灣. I only got around to going over the lunar new year break despite having lived in Tainan for several months last year. I suppose the fact that it is an actual tourist attraction kept me from checking it out before, but I’m glad I went. Since a few of the photos turned out well enough to share I figure I may as well add it to my growing catalog of abandoned places in Taiwan 台灣.

Taiwan Bicycle Tour 2013: Budai to Tainan

Budai is in oyster country, as these overflowing baskets attest.

Day seven of my bicycle trip around Taiwan began with deep disappointment and ended in delight. I woke up in my hotel room on the main road leading into Bùdài 布袋 without a working smartphone. I tried to boot up but it was caught in a loop, resetting itself over and over again. Without a clock in the room I had no idea what time it was but figured there was no rush. There were at least three ferries plying the route to Penghu. Surely one of those ferries would sail in the afternoon.