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Jan 2017

Quan’an Hall 全安堂

Sep 2016

A System of Tubes

Sep 2016

Zhongying Recreational Building 中英育樂大樓

Jul 2016

Taichung Sunset Before the Storm

Jul 2016

Rooftop Reflections at the Qianyue Building 千越大樓

May 2016
3 3

Whitey’s Up To No Good Again

Apr 2016

Taichung First Credit Union 台中第一信用合作社

Mar 2016

Fengzhong Theater 豐中戲院

Jan 2016

Qianyue Building 千越大樓

Oct 2015

There Are Patterns

Jul 2015
2 2

On The Rooftop at Taichung First Square 台中第一廣場

Jun 2015

The Bittersweet Taste of Nostalgia