Central Taichung 台中市中區 is a tiny morsel of densely populated land around the old train station in Taichung 台中. It has definitely seen better days but urban renewal is already taking place in the mid-2010s and it seems likely that many of its iconic ruins will be demolished before long.

Jan 2017

Quan’an Hall 全安堂

Sep 2016

A System of Tubes

Sep 2016

Zhongying Recreational Building 中英育樂大樓

Jul 2016

Taichung Sunset Before the Storm

Jul 2016

Rooftop Reflections at the Qianyue Building 千越大樓

May 2016

Whitey’s Up To No Good Again

Apr 2016

Taichung First Credit Union 台中第一信用合作社

Mar 2016

Fengzhong Theater 豐中戲院

Jan 2016

Qianyue Building 千越大樓

Oct 2015

There Are Patterns

Jun 2015

The Bittersweet Taste of Nostalgia