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Vase Rock 花瓶石

Famous Vase Rock, an outcrop along the coastline of Liuqiu Island, Taiwan.

Vase Rock 花瓶石 is the most iconic sight on the tiny coral island of Liúqiú 琉球 in southern Taiwan 台灣. It was formed by tectonic uplift, raising the old coral reef above the water line, and differential erosion operating on the “stem” of the rock formation. I shot this photograph on the Kaohsiung to Donggang segment of my first bicycle tour around Taiwan 台灣 and hope to return some day for a closer look at this lovely coral island.

Taiwan Bicycle Tour 2013: Kaohsiung to Donggang

Industry outside of Kaohsiung
Bland, boring industry outside of Kaohsiung.

I didn’t plan my tenth day on the road very well. I woke up in Sānmín 三民 on the north side of Kaohsiung City, got ready, and went downstairs to find breakfast. I had only a vague idea of where I might go and what I might do. The plan was simply to see a little more of what Kaohsiung 高雄 had to offer—and maybe make a small detour to Liúqiú 琉球, a small coral island off the coast of neighbouring Pingtung 屏東, but I hadn’t really thought it through.