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Nantou Grand Theater 南投大戲院

An old cinema in Nantou City

Nantou Grand Theater 南投大戲院 is one of a small number of old school, second-run movie theaters still operating in Taiwan 台灣. Hundreds of others have been abandoned since the turn of the millennium, victims of changing consumer habits (read: downloading) and strong competition from more interactive and engaging forms of entertainment such as video games. Why some theaters hold on while most others fail is a bit of a mystery at times. In some cases there is an obvious explanation—for instance, that there is a huge student population within easy walking distance, as is the case with this theater in Zhōnglì 中壢. In other cases, like this one, the reason eludes me. Nostalgia alone cannot explain why this vintage theater in Nántóu City 南投市 was so busy when I wandered by sometime in December 2013.

Ghostly Vesicle

Impressions of the past in Nantou City

The dense urban landscapes of Taiwan 台灣 are punctuated by ghostly vesicles, jagged outlines of demolished buildings on properties that haven’t been redeveloped. This process leaves a curious residue on the interface between cells of the city: distinct traces of flooring and rooftops, wallpaper and tiling, zigzagging stairways and more. Occasionally one will even see shelving and other furnishings still attached to walls three or four storeys up, an absurd phenomenon reminiscent of the “inconvenience stores” of The Far Side.