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Fuxing 福興

Fuxing Fishermen’s Association 彰化縣福興區漁會

The ruins of a fishermen’s association in Fuxing Township
The ruins of a fishermen’s association on the edge of Fuxing Township.

About a month ago I was out riding in western Changhua 彰化 when I noticed this ruin along Yánhǎi Road 沿海路 at the south end of Lukang 鹿港. Technically this parcel of land is still part of Fúxīng 福興, a peculiar situation in a country where few other township lines gerrymander through a major settlement. Evidently this isn’t a new thing, for the characters above the entrance read Changhua County Fuxing Township Fishermen’s Association Welfare Society 彰化縣福興區漁會漁民福利社 (with apologies for the approximate translation and thanks to Kamiya for some transcription help).

Changhua Aerodrome Fortifications 彰化飛行場古砲台

A colonial fortification in rural Changhua

One of my idle pursuits this mild winter has involved documenting all the obscure and unusual stuff I find in my travels around Changhua 彰化. When I go riding I prefer to take winding roads that twist and turn through old villages rather than the newer thoroughfares that directly connect communities in the countryside. Sometimes this pays off—for instance, while exploring some of the side roads on my way to Lukang 鹿港 I found this strange looking building amid the rice fields and rural industrial sprawl.