Nov 2018

Keelung Dahua Theater 基隆大華戲院

May 2016

Kanziding Fish Market 崁仔頂漁市場

Feb 2016

Miaokou Night Market From Above

Jan 2016

An Overnight Trip to Keelung via Jinguashi and Jiufen

Jan 2016

Taiwanese Plumbing From Hell

Sep 2015

What These Old Doors Might Say

Sep 2015

Qingyu Hall 慶餘堂

Sep 2015

Telling Time by a Mirror

Sep 2015

Carve The Sky

Jul 2015

An Iconic Pedestrian Bridge in Keelung

Jun 2015

On the Dark Streets of Keelung

May 2015

Keelung Ghost House 基隆鬼屋

Nov 2014

Keelung, City of Darkness

Oct 2014

100-Year-Old Bomb Shelter 百年防空洞