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Orobas is the first exclusive release on Techgnosis Records, a new label I am collaborating on with Ben Rama, for whom I completed several album artwork projects in the past; see The Invisible Kingdom and Live In Montreal. To capture the magic and mystery of the music I used a haunting photo of a suspension bridge in the fog that I shot in Yángmíngshān 陽明山, Taiwan 台灣, a couple of years ago. This same photo previously appeared on this very blog as Into The Unknown; follow the link for more information (and the opportunity to purchase a framed print if you’re into that sort of thing).

After experimenting with more conventional typesetting I opted to try something a little different with a vertical approach on the front cover. Type is set in Gota, Nexa, and Hero, all free from FontFabric.

Interested in hearing this release? Download it for free!