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Luzoba is the second exclusive release (and third overall) from the newly-minted Techgnosis Records, a new label headed up by Ben Rama with graphic design support from yours truly. So far I’ve sourced everything from my extensive archive of photographs from around Taiwan 台灣. This particular piece features a pair of pictures from the town of Shuǐnǎndòng 水湳洞 in Ruifang, better known to outsiders as the home of Jiǔfèn 九份.

Both images were captured at the ruins of the Thirteen Levels 十三層遺址, one of my favourite abandoned places in Taiwan. The front cover features a warehouse at the base of the mountain whereas the back features one of the famous flues near the back of the complex. Type for this release is set entirely in Nexa, a free font from FontFabric.

Interested in the release itself? It is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp and will eventually be posted on Ektoplazm. For previous works in this series check out Orobas and Techgnosis Vol. 1.