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Blacklight Metropolis

I designed this cover for the mix that I released after participating in Global Goa Party, a virtual event that gathers up a bunch of DJs to program an entire night of music from some year (1997 in this case) in the past. I wanted to keep it retro so I went rummaging around in the archives and found an old photograph originally shot on a film camera and later scanned. It was covered with dust and the resolution wasn’t suitable for modern design work so I pulled it into Adobe Illustrator and went about tracing it into a vector graphic. After that I dabbled in Photoshop, blurring some of the lines and tweaking the colour scheme, before setting type in Gota Light, DS Lane, and Borneo. Garish, I know, but that was the style in the 1990s, and the goal here was to be fairly authentic!

If you’re curious about the mix you can stream it on Mixcloud or download it from Ektoplazm.