Privacy Policy

This web site is a personal blog and, as such, there isn’t a need for a comprehensive privacy policy. There are three main areas where your personal data might be collected: in the comments, by using the contact form, and through analytics.


Your name and email are required for making comments on this site. You may, at any time, contact me from the same email to request the deletion of any comment and I’ll do my best to take care of it in a timely fashion.

You also have the option of saving your name, email, and URL while commenting but this is handled entirely within your browser and you can clear your own data at any time.

Contact Form

The contact form used on this site is a simple interface to send an email. No data entered here is stored in any database but the email generated by this form may be retained in order to provide you with a response. You may, of course, request for your correspondence to be deleted, if you wish.


This site uses Google Analytics with anonymized IPs. No personalized data is recorded; everything is aggregated by the third-party data processor. Cookies used by the Google Analytics service are easy to clear or block if you so desire. I’m only really using this so I have some idea of where my readership is located, not for marketing purposes.