Postcards From Hanoi

Gathered here are around forty of my better photographs from a five day stay in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November 2016. All of these images were captured while idly wandering around the famous Old Quarter and its environs. I was not particularly adventurous on this trip but I still managed to find plenty to feast my eyes upon—and the food and coffee certainly lived up to expectations! I also found it interesting to apply some of my growing knowledge of East Asian culture gleaned from these years of living in Taiwan 台灣. Each photo is annotated with onward links to more information should anything pique your interest.

Overall I had a great time in Hanoi, a city more pleasant than its reputation may suggest. The air pollution was incredibly bad some days—and I was quite surprised at the incredible number of fellow western tourists around—but I would readily return should the opportunity arise. Apart from the sights articulated through these photographs I also have three recommendations to make: Savage, an underground club on the north side of the West Lake; Tadioto, a cocktail bar and art space southeast of Hoan Kiem Lake; and Xofa Café, a great working cafe in the 24-hour restaurant zone on the west side of the Old Quarter. Many thanks to everyone who passed on tips that made this little visa run a real pleasure!