Postcards From Changhua City 1 彰化市明信片一號

I moved to Changhua City 彰化市 in November 2014 to see what’s it like living in another traditional town in middle Taiwan 台灣. I had an interesting time staying in Tainan 台南 for three months so I figured why not give Changhua 彰化 a shot for the wintertime? While Changhua is nowhere near as lively and interesting as Taiwan’s old southern capital it is not without charm. Here I have gathered up some of the more representative images I have captured in my first two months of residency, mostly of the area immediately to the east of the train station, which also happens to be the oldest part of town.

If you enjoy these images you may want to browse all my content from Changhua 彰化 (and specifically Changhua City 彰化市) or check out these Flickr albums: here and here.

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  1. I lived in Taichung for most of the 90’s. It looks like Changhua hasn’t changed at all.
    Great photos.

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