Over the Riverside Wilderness

On the edge of Taipei in January 2016
On the edge of the city in January 2016.

Today I cycled over Huájiāng Bridge 華江橋 into Bǎnqiáo 板桥 to get some exercise, see a little more of the city, and celebrate the sudden change in weather. Incessant rain, a deep freeze, and even snow gave way to clear skies and mild winter temperatures here in Taipei 台北 so I figured I may as well seize the opportunity to get some fresh air!

Pictured here is the very edge of Taipei 台北 near where Xīndiàn Creek 新店溪 meets Dàhàn Creek 大漢溪 to form Tamsui River 淡水河. To the right is Huajiang Wild Duck Park 華江雁鴨自然公園. The city skyline on the horizon is Sānchóng 三重, itself located on an island in this same river, and the mountains beyond are those of Yángmíngshān 陽明山.

People say that Taipei 台北 is an unsightly concrete megapolis—and they are mostly right about that—but at least it doesn’t take much effort to escape the tight confines of the city, if only for a scenic view. Just point yourself in the direction of the nearest river or mountain path! (And enjoy the sight of yet another abandoned building on the other side…)