Outside Tianwaitian Theater 天外天劇場

Outside Tianwaitian Theater 天外天劇場
Outside Tianwaitian Theater 天外天劇場.

The historic Tiānwàitiān Theater 天外天劇場 is hidden in a nexus of alleyways in the area on the far side of the central train station in Taichung 台中. According to this history it was built in 1936, back when Taiwan was under Japanese colonial rule, and—from a visual inspection of the faded signboard—has obviously undergone at least one name change over the many decades since.

I honestly had no idea what it was when I wandered by sometime earlier this year, though I knew to snap a quick photo at the very least. It has since appeared on my radar as there was a news report suggesting it was in the process of being demolished, though there are some signs of community pushback that may or not yield results. One intrepid member of the Taiwan ruins study group found a way inside and posted some photos.

Usually I have a more thorough write-up about such places but on this occasion simply wanted to add this place to my growing index of historic abandonments around Taiwan. Perhaps someday I’ll have another opportunity to take a closer look—if it’s still there, anyway.

Update: I have since been inside and will be posting a full exploration of this stunning ruin at some point in the future!