One Last Sunset in Taiwan?

One last sunset from Xiangshan 象山
Another in an endless series of last moments.

Last night I hiked up Xiàngshān 象山, or Elephant Mountain as it is known in English, to catch one last sunset before shipping out. Today I am leaving Taiwan for the foreseeable future. I say “foreseeable” with intent, for I know so little about what might happen next—and I don’t want to rule out the possibility of returning, which I would gladly do. I tend to just go with the flow these days—so don’t ask me when I’ll be back or what I plan to do next. I really don’t know, and I’m okay with that.

I have come to love and appreciate Taiwan and its fledgling democracy, perpetual identity crisis, idiosyncratic history, ample natural wonders, and immense cultural wealth. I feel like I have come to know Taiwan on a very personal level despite the language barrier, which is a significant hurdle to making real connections here. If I return I hope to do so with greater working knowledge of Chinese, for I recognize how necessary it is to speak one of the local languages to really understand what is going on around here (or anyplace else). So, for now it is goodbye, but I can’t say I won’t be back, even if the likelihood of returning in the near future seems rather remote.

In the weeks and months to come I will continue to post content from my time in Taiwan. I am presently about three months behind in processing photos and still mean to publish the rest of my bicycle journal from last year—as well as many more experiences that I have had since then. I have been slow to get some of this stuff done as I have been splitting my time between work and further adventuring while I still can. Once I am settled back in my homeland I expect I will have much more free time to churn through the backlog of stuff I would like to share of my experiences here in Asia. Hopefully I can make good headway on such a project before wanderlust strikes again!