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Interstellar Indifference

I went to the cinema in Yuánlín 員林 last night to watch Interstellar. Although I absolutely love science fiction I tend to avoid blockbuster science fiction films. Too many of them look pretty but lack substance, playing fast and loose with the science out of sheer laziness rather than any real need to advance the plot. Sadly, this particular film is guilty on all counts. I don’t think anyone expects perfectly sound science out of Hollywood—bad science to advance a good story is perfectly acceptable when it’s handled right—but Interstellar pushed the limits of credulity too many times for my suspension of disbelief to survive the three hour runtime intact. At least it looked cool. And I’m still glad I went to go see it. I get out so rarely these days.

The original Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, has a pair of posts here and here discussing the interplay of questionable science and storytelling. George Monbiot also has an interesting post about the defeatist politics of the film.