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Moving to Tainan

After living in Taipei 台北 for nearly a year I feel as if it is time for a change of pace. I mainly keep to myself and seldom get together with friends or otherwise take advantage of all the wonders of such an international city. Most of my days are taken up by cycling around and solitary work in cafes. This I can do anyplace in Taiwan 台灣.

When I arrived in Tainan 台南 on my bicycle trip around the island I immediately felt a strange kinship with the place. I thought to myself, now this is a place I could see myself living. In recent months I returned several times to suss out whether or not that initial impression held true or not. Having satisfied myself that this is the case today I went and placed a deposit down on a new place in Tainan not far from the train station.

I captured this photo on the way out of my new place. This little guy rests in front of an old concrete building immediately across from where I’ll be staying for the next few months. Tainan 台南 is a fascinating place and I am sure I will be writing more about it soon.