Mountains on the Urban Horizon

A sunny day in Xinyi District
One of the main streets running through my new neighbourhood.

I moved into my new place in Xìnyì District 信義區, Taipei 台北, at the end of February 2016. It rained almost continuously for the following month. Not until the very end of March did the skies clear long enough for me to look around and appreciate where I had landed. This tree-lined boulevard is Zhuāngjìng Road 莊敬路, one of the main arteries running through the neighbourhood, and the mountains on the horizon are immediately behind where I’m staying nowadays. It feels a bit like I am back in Vancouver, especially with property values being what they are around here. Even so, I’m not paying much more than I would be in other parts of the capital, perhaps due to the minor inconvenience of being situated at the margins on the city, something I don’t mind putting up with for a while.