Miaokou Night Market From Above

Miaokou Night Market from above
The iconic lanterns of Miaokou Night Market from a nearby rooftop.

Pictured here is the most iconic stretch of Miàokǒu Night Market 廟口夜市 in Keelung 基隆, Taiwan, likely as you have never seen it before. This night market is named for its location at the entrance to Diànjì Temple 奠济宫 (“Miaokou” literally means “temple entrance”) and is easily recognized by the orderly rows of lanterns above the many vendors that line the street. Lanterns, a regular feature of the Taiwanese urban landscape, are often strung up as a visual cue to direct people to a given temple, which should explain their use here.

I previously posted a version of this same image as part of this account of an overnight trip to Keelung. This is the higher-quality version shot with my old and battered Nikon D3100 and a tripod, a piece of equipment I hardly ever use. Gaining access to this rooftop wasn’t straight-forward, but the proprietor of the smoky KTV whose lobby I stepped out of the elevator into was amenable to me taking a quick look once I was able to explain my interest in skulking about the rooftop of a building across from the night market. And I’m very pleased with the result—not only is it an unusual view of one of the city’s most famous (and hence commonly photographed) attractions, but it also has the appearance of something out of Blade Runner, still one of my all-time favourite films.